HĀL/MAGU – Farvash & Mohammed Rowe (Malmö Gallerihelg)

Inkonst invited multidisciplinary artist Farvash to create a performance and an exhibition for Malmö Gallerihelg 2023 and beyond. As a practice-based artist, Farvash draws from their background in chemistry along with history, identity and ontology-centred questions. On the 22nd of September, they will present ḤĀL and MAGU at Inkonst, two pieces that are connected with each other yet stand alone as individual works both typically within Farvash’s unique style of interdisciplinary expression. The mutual framework of ḤĀL and MAGU stems from diasporic matters of longing and belonging in an exploration of embodied ancestral knowledge, through tech-art and ancient Persian spiritual practices Farvash explores the concept of the old farsi words “Magu” and “ḥāl”. Magu meaning the practitioner of a hybrid praxis emanating from historical Persia composing a variety of sciences and elevated otherworldly practices. Ḥāl meaning “state of being”, a physical, spiritual, or emotional state of a person – an essential notion in Persian culture which is supposed to bring about a meditative state (ḥāl) in the artist as well as in the audience. ḤĀL by Farvash w/ Mohammed Rowe (performance 22 Sep) ḤĀL is a 4-hour-long durational performance set in a desert-like sand-filled room veiled in neon green that invites you along on a transcendental journey into the subconscious. To reach within the complexity of existence Farvash performs repetitive actions through a monotone steady flow. Creating a portal to a hybrid reality by building a subconscious landscape using robotic sculptures in ongoing circular movement and spoken word in Farsi along with musical elements by Mohammed Rowe. Nonetheless the center of the performance lies within the pleasure of an exploratory experience. Constant, flowing, rhythmical and hypnotizing.