RMA Annual conference 2020

"Gasworks", this audio piece is an improvisation by Mohammed Rowe & Olivir Haylett, using prepared guitars whilst incorporating various extended techniques. In post production, Oli then took the audio and further processed the session onto tape, transposing it and running it in conjunction with the original improvisation to form this composition. Initially we both recorded a long improv session and then reduced it down to 3 shorter takes, we decided to share this take named “Gasworks”. Mohammed Rowe´s work include found sound, experimental and improvised music; compositions tend to draw from the immediate environment. Collaborations with artists from different practices continue to enrich his own approach. Olivir Haylett utilises field recording techniques and tape manipulation; he filters and simultaneously emulates the sounds of the environments we inhabit. Performances are immersive meanders through textural sounds and noises which, through repetition and volume, aim to play the room on the edge of feedback.