Anna Perach - Mistress of the Desert (2023)

Anna Perach’s two wearable sculptures, The Wandering Pelvis and Warrior (2022) feature in the exhibition. The performance explores the liminal space between the self and the other and the tension between the desire to merge and separate. The Wandering Pelvis plays with the ancient idea of the womb that moves freely in the woman’s body. During the performance, the sculpture grows organs and mutates into a living being. Movement director: Luigi Ambrosio @warriorswalkalone Performers: Anna Guzak @annaguzak and Maria Sole Montacci @msolemontacci Sound: Yifeat Ziv @yifeatz and Mohammed Rowe @rowe.mohammed The project is supported by Fireflies Projects @fireflies_projects. Edited by @leondeez @kunstraumlondon Anna Perach, Mistress of the Desert, 2023 Part of Goldsmiths CCA "UNRULY BODIES" 2023