"Hemi-sync of the Heart"/w Clémentine Bedos @ ACall Festival x Studio Chappel 2023

Acall Festival joins forces with Staffordshire St to bring the third edition of ACall Arts Festival@acallfestivalto Peckham. This year, the theme builds on a mythology - or 'techno-mythology' - that centers around technology's resulting impact on consumerism and the commodification of human existence. Events and tickets coming soon but save the dates for this exciting programme: Opening: Wednesday 6 December 6-9pm 7 – 10 December 2023 curated by Louis Chapple and Sons of Craft @acallfestivalis curated by: Sons of Craft@sons_of_craft Louis Chapple@louis.chapple studio/chapple@studio.chapple Participating artists: Aaron Roth@chicho_ti_rondo Ahyeon Ryu@zinc_and_iron Amba Sayal-Bennett@ambasayalbennett Chaney Diao@chaney_dms Emily Mulenga@emilymulenga Enorê@capirotices Estefanía B. Flores@estefantastic Kialy Tihngang@kialytihngang Laura Kazaroff@laurakazaroff Linnea Skoglösa@linneaskoglosa László von Dohnanyi@laszlovondohnanyi Madeleine Pledge@madeleinepledge Mohammed Rowe @rowe.mohammed Poster: Kouadio Amany@mrkouadioamany