A--Z X Somerset House: The voices of a Tempest

Act I in a three-part event programme curated by A---Z (Anne Duffau) accompanying their Gallery 31 show The Voices of A Tempest, featuring film screenings and live music. Release: To give freedom to someone, to feelings, to movements, to materials. A release as an incantation to a brighter time to come. The first event in the A---Z programmed series The Voices of A Tempest in Three Acts sees Babeworld introduce Derby Day, a new film as part of a commission produced for Gallery 31 show The Voices of A Tempest. Babeworld’s Derby Day collaborator utopian_realism follows – a meditative state that artist Mohammed Rowe builds on, introducing faster BPMs to close out the series’ first act. Expanding the Gallery 31 show’s emphasis on storytelling and fictional activism, The Voices of A Tempest in Three Acts furthers the exhibition’s alignment with modes of resistance, resilience and alternative futures through a series of evening events taking place across The Voices of A Tempest’s duration.